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Solid Construction

Modular Construction Environmental Rooms Dyno Chambers

Custom Reach-In Chambers Elite G-Series Chambers

Altitude, temperature, humidity simulation in one chamber including DO-160 Icing testing

Russells air-to-air thermal shock chambers meet the demands of today's environmental stress screening with proven performance in installations around the world.

The Russells Advantage

Cloud Test Chamber at Michigan Technological University funded by the National Science Foundation - Manufactured by Russells Technical Products

Clouds arise out of nowhere and dissolve into nothingness, an intricate interaction of heat and cold, dampness and dust. The “Cloud Chamber” is based on Rayleigh-Bénard convection, which anyone who has boiled water has observed, whether they know it or not. As a fluid warms, currents rise and circulate, forming fountains and whirlpools. A similar pattern arises in the atmosphere as air ascends and clouds condense. The main variable in Rayleigh-Bénard convection is temperature, but because we are talking about clouds here, this cloud test chamber is adding another variable, water vapor. Water vapor condenses as it rises and cools, which adds an extra level of complexity. That means there is a latent heat release in a region where condensation is taking place...hence the formation of a cloud.

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At Russells, 'Environmental' Describes More than Just Chambers

Russells is commited to protecting our environment. All Russells mechanically refrigerated environmental chambers use only non-CFC refrigerants to protect the ozone layer. We use water reducible paints for reduced volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. We recycle most of the waste paper and cardboard generated in our manufacturing.

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