Environmental Test Chambers

Russells Technical Products is a leading global manufacturer of environmental test chambers with a comprehensive product lineup for testing temperature, humidity, altitude, and vibration. Our environmental test chambers and products serve a variety of industries including aerospace, defense, automotive, electronics, consumer products, renewable energy, and more.


Reach-In Temperature & Humidity Test Chambers

The Elite G-Series reach-in environmental test chambers line includes industry-leading features and accessories which offer superior performance and reliability. Offered in four standard sizes, our temperature/humidity chambers provide users the widest range of temperature or temperature and humidity environments on the market. Temperature and humidity chambers are an excellent choice for thermal cycling, steady state conditioning, product reliability testing, and other applications.

Custom Reach-In Test Chambers

Our custom reach-in test chambers are designed for rigorous environmental testing capacity. Each custom reach-in test chamber is tailored to your exact sizing specifications and requirements, offering thermal testing, temperature cycling, temperature/humidity, and steady state temperature and or humidity testing capabilities.

Walk-In/Drive-In Solid Construction Temperature/Humidity Chambers

Russells Technical Products W-Series welded construction walk-in/drive-in chambers are ideal for high temperature and high humidity simulation. Their solid, one piece construction allows for rapid thermal change rates, ultra low temperature cooling, and prolonged soaks at extreme temperatures. With a wide variety of plenum options and configurations, our W-Series test chambers can be designed to meet your exact specifications.

Walk-In/Drive-In Panelized Temperature/Humidity Chambers

Russells’ modular construction, walk-in temperature humidity chamber gives the maximum flexibility in both chamber size and performance for your most demanding temperature/humidity testing requirements. Russells WM-Series chambers allow manufacturers to simulate how their products will perform in temperature and humidity conditions. This temperature and humidity test chamber can be manufactured as a dynamometer room also.

Altitude Test Chambers

Altitude chamber testing is important for manufacturers of products that might be shipped via air. It is especially important for defense and aerospace applications where pressure and vacuum conditions are even more intense. Our altitude test chambers simulate a variety of environmental conditions including temperature, altitude, humidity, and vibration for the rigorous testing standards of combined environment. Since our altitude test chamber interior size is determined by the customer, we offer the flexibility of reach-in or walk-in sizing for large capacity altitude testing.

Thermal Shock Chambers

Russells Technical Products offers a wide range of standard and custom thermal shock test chambers. Thermal shock or thermal cycling allows for the rapid transfer of products between temperature extremes, or the alternating heating and cooling of test articles in cyclical manner. Our direct transfer method between two independently controlled hot and cold chambers is an economical way to achieve rapid temperature transition or thermal cycling for industries including battery, automotive, aerospace, materials and composites, and more.

AGREE Chambers

Originally designed for the military, the AGREE method of testing, an acronym for The Department of Defense Advisory Group on Reliability of Electronic Equipment, is used to perform reliability, qualification, and ESS for many industries including electronics, automotive, and telecommunications equipment. Offered in a variety of custom sizes and configurations, our AGREE vibration compatible chambers directly integrate with your electrodynamic or mechanical shaker systems, providing you flexibility in choice and testing capacity.

Dynamometer Drive-In Vehicle Test Chambers

Our dynamometer chambers feature dependable mechanical refrigeration, superior air flow, and expansive control systems. Our dynamometer drive-in vehicle test chambers are designed to integrate directly with a dynamometer system, while simultaneously exposing vehicles to a wide variety of environmental conditions including temperature and/or humidity, rain, wind, and more. Our control systems allow for precise temperature and humidity testing while meeting your exact specifications.

Portable Conditioning Units (Remote Conditioners)

Our portable conditioning units provide innovative, practical solutions for our customers. Offering a robust range of temperature only or temperature and humidity capabilities, these units will condition existing environmental test chambers and predesigned and custom remote enclosures. Available in single stage or cascade refrigeration, with optional LN2 cooling, virtually every environment is attainable with our portable conditioning units.

Battery Test Chambers

Our battery test chambers are equipped with safety features conforming to industry safety standards enabling testing to a variety of conditions and specifications including extreme temperature cycling, humidity, vibration, and/or altitude. Russells Technical Products battery test chambers are used in a wide range of battery testing applications including lithium ion, battery packs, lead acid batteries, modules and more. Whether you need a reach-in chamber for smaller applications, a walk-in, or a complete drive-in, our battery test chambers are designed to safely test to your exact specifications.

Cryogenic Industrial Freezers

Our cryogenic industrial freezers are capable of achieving temperatures of -300ºF/-184ºC to +185ºF/85ºC. To be able to withstand this extreme temperature difference, Russells has incorporated special construction techniques in addition to welded structural steel framing and heavy duty welded stainless steel liners. As with all Russells cryogenic freezers, we are continuously striving to provide you with the best ultra cold freezers available.

Mechanically Cooled Industrial Freezers

Our mechanically cooled industrial freezers are capable of achieving temperatures of -120°F (-85°C) and can repeatedly withstand extreme cold temperature processing applications. We incorporate special construction techniques in addition to welded structural steel framing and heavy duty welded stainless steel liners for structural integrity.

Cooling Tunnels

Russells cooling tunnels are built for high speed cooling in many industrial applications including for hose and cable manufacturing. The compact, low-maintenance design and rapid product cooling for hose rigidity make our cooling tunnels efficient and economical. A Russells application engineer can assist you in selecting the configuration, size, and options that best suit your needs.

Walk-In Environmental Rooms

Our environmental test rooms are climate controlled and allow testing for long-term stability, accelerated testing, humidity, and forced long-term stability. We offer the widest range and selection of customizable sizes in environmental rooms used in a variety of industries including pharmaceutical, cold storage, cultivation rooms, incubation, concrete curing, film/photography storage, and more. Our environmental rooms are compliant with NIH, USDA, and other common industry standards.  

Engineered Cooling Modules

Our Engineered Cooling Modules are a perfect solution for applications where an existing room needs temperature or humidity control. These ECMs are a turnkey conditioning unit that houses the plenum, blower fans (2 or 4 fans), heat, cooling and humidity control. Our units roll right up to your existing box or room and can be very easily customized to your needs.

russellsOne® Chamber Controller

The russellsOne® Controller combines a simple user interface with powerful data collection and unprecedented flexibility,  offering best-in-class controlling, monitoring, graphing, and reporting on an easy-to-use 15.6″ PCAP touchscreen interface. Pair the russellsOne® Controller with any of our test chambers or ask how we can help retrofit an r1 onto an existing test chamber from virtually any manufacturer.

Watlow F4T with INTUITION® Integrated Process Controller

The Watlow F4T with INTUITION® Integrated Process Controller is a ¼ DIN process controller that uses touch screen technology and COMPOSER software. The F4T utilizes a 4.3” high resolution, touch-screen display that is specifically designed to reduce user error. It incorporates unmatched versatility and best-in-class ease of use.