Cryogenic Industrial Freezers

Our cryogenic industrial freezers are capable of achieving temperatures of -300ºF/-184ºC to +185ºF/85ºC. To be able to withstand this extreme temperature difference, Russells has incorporated special construction techniques in addition to welded structural steel framing and heavy duty welded stainless steel liners. As with all Russells cryogenic freezers, we are continuously striving to provide you with the best ultra cold freezers available.

About Cryogenic Freezers

Applications include:

    • Cryogenic steel treating
    • Shrink fit applications
    • Heavy duty industrial (bevel gears, castings)
    • General industrial
    • Aerospace and defense
    • Communications
    • Automated/integrated applications


  • Continuous TIG welded type 304 stainless steel liner is vapor tight. Standard freezer floors are capable of supporting 300 PSF or higher static load
  • Insulation is high density foam
  • Liquid nitrogen vents
  • Freezer workspace drain plumbed to exterior FPT coupling
  • Welded structural frame with removable service access panels
  • Base of freezer is designed for fork-lift handling in most cases
  • Air/Hydraulic lid with a built-in safety system
  • Special gaskets to withstand -300ºF/-185ºC
  • Heated mullion to eliminate frosting around the lid perimeter
  • Durable blue enamel finish (custom colors available)


  • Electric heat to + 500ºF/260ºC
  • Recorders and data loggers
  • Cycle timer with beacon
  • Load temperature monitor
  • Access ports
  • Running time meter
  • Electric defrost
  • Compressed air conditioning unit
  • Main power disconnect switch, with tag-out lock-out option
  • Casters
  • Industrial electrical and control system Per NFPA
  • Ramping microprocessor controller


  • Customer supplied liquid nitrogen vaporized through a stainless steel spray manifold and nozzles
  • Manifold located in the fan/blower wheel conditioning plenum, LN2 is NOT sprayed directly on the product/parts
  • Low pressure supply is controlled by cryogenic solenoid(s); low pressure supply provides most efficient use of liquid nitrogen
  • Air circulation by propeller type fan(s), or heavy duty reverse inclined aluminum blower wheel(s), both types with externally mounted circulator motor(s)
  • Low temperature fail safe limit


  • All wiring meets NEC Standards
  • System branch circuits individually fused
  • 115v control circuits
  • System function switches and indicating lights
  • All wiring color coded and labeled
  • High temperature fail safe