AGREE Chambers

Originally designed for the military, the AGREE method of testing, an acronym for The Department of Defense Advisory Group on Reliability of Electronic Equipment, is used to perform reliability, qualification, and ESS for many industries including electronics, automotive, and telecommunications equipment. Offered in a variety of custom sizes and configurations, our AGREE vibration compatible chambers directly integrate with your electrodynamic or mechanical shaker systems, providing you flexibility in choice and testing capacity.

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vibration chamber open door russells tech
russells tech agree vibration chambers

About AGREE Chambers

During transportation or at the site of the end-user, a product will come under some type of vibration motion. Using vibration test chambers, manufacturers can determine if a product can withstand the rigors during its normal life span. Often, vibration testing is combined with other test criteria such as temperature, in the case of our temperature vibration testing chambers, during the testing of a product. The AGREE method of testing, an acronym for The Department of Defense Advisory Group on Reliability of Electronic Equipment, was originally designed to perform specific temperature, humidity, and vibration tests in order to improve the quality and reliability of military hardware and to conform with MIL-STD 810, 781 and 883. AGREE test chambers are now used to perform reliability qualification for many industries including electronics, automotive, battery, and renewable energy.

Russells AGREE Chambers meet the requirements of MIL-STD 781A, B, and also C with incorporation of our 781C option. Their proven performance in installations around the world for many years is a testament to their superior design and construction. The easily removable chamber-to-shaker interface is designed for ease of loading and unloading of the test items. We also offer a chamber lift system to accommodate multi-axis testing. The diaphragm and frame assembly can be easily replaced with an optional solid floor plug to allow testing without vibration, if so desired.

  • Brushed 304 series stainless steel liner, heliarc welded, and dye checked
  • Fiberglass insulation, .25k factor
  • Welded steel frame
  • Full opening chamber door with dual gaskets
  • Removable access panels to serviceable components
  • Durable blue enamel finishes (custom colors available)
  • Multipane tempered heated window
  • Microprocessor temperature/humidity programmer
  • Temperature range for single stage refrigeration:
    • -22°F/-30°C to 356°F/180°C
  • Temperature range for cascade refrigeration:
    • -100°F/-73°C to 356°F/180°C
  • Change rates from 9°F/5°C/min. to 36°F/20°C/min.
  • Humidity range: 10% to 95% RH within the bounds of a 185°F/85°C max. dry bulb and a 40°F/4°C min. dewpoint.
  • Through-wall access ports, round, glove, square
  • Chamber lift system for multi axis vibe systems
  • Mil 781 C moisture injection system
  • Vibe system interface
  • Solid floor plug
  • Viewing windows
  • Refrigeration gauges
  • Shelves
  • Refrigeration sound deadening package
  • Remote refrigeration systems
  • LN2/CO2 boost cooling
  • Air cooled condenser
  • Humidity water demineralizer
  • Dry air purge system
  • Desiccant dehumidifier
  • Running time meter
  • Electrical disconnect switch
  • RussellsOne controller
  • Solid state humidity sensor on humidity models
  • Product safeguard redundant over/under temperature limit
  • Circular or electronic chart recorders
  • Free standing remote instrument console
  • Computer communications, networking, data-logging software
  • Low or zero ozone depletion refrigerants
  • Energy saving refrigeration bypass capacity control
  • Low stage desuperheater
  • Oil pressure switches
  • Compressor suction and discharge pressure switches
  • Water cooled condenser
  • Vapor tank and condenser ASME certified
  • Compressor overload protection
  • High stage compressor crankcase heater
  • Compressor head fans
  • Low stage oil separator
  • All piping joints silfos or silver soldered
  • Stainless steel compressor condensate pans
  • All wiring meets NEC standards
  • 120v control circuit transformer
  • Fully enclosed electrical panel
  • All circuits fused or circuit breaker protected
  • Full system function switches with system status pilot lights
  • Incandescent interior lighting
  • All wiring numbered or color coded
  • High Temperature limit safety
  • Master heating circuit contactor
  • Air circulator/heater interlock
  • Balanced load on three phase power