Watlow F4T with INTUITION® Integrated Process Controller

The Watlow F4T with INTUITION® Integrated Process Controller is a ¼ DIN process temperature controller that uses touch screen technology and COMPOSER software. The F4T utilizes a 4.3” high resolution, touch-screen display that is specifically designed to reduce user error. It incorporates unmatched versatility and best-in-class ease of use.

About the Watlow F4T Temperature Controller

The F4T with INTUITION temperature process controller from Watlow offers a wide range of field removable 1/0 modules for maximum design flexibility. Configurations can be custom tailored to meet the scaling needs of a tremendous range of equipment and applications while providing exactly the hardware types required for compatibility. The F4T controller also features a 4.3” color graphical touch panel. Combining power, flexibility, and functionality, this controller offers unmatched versatility, and best-in-class ease of use.

  • 4.3” color touch panel with high-resolution, graphical user-interface
  • Shortens learning curve and reduces operator errors
  • Allows channels, profiles, alarms, inputs, and outputs to be personalized with user defined names
  • Temperature PID, data logger, trend chart, over/under-temperature limit, power switching, math, logic, timers and counters combined into an integrated system
  • Eliminates the need for separate discrete components
  • Simplifies design, ordering, and installation
  • Saves money
  • Robust algorithms for temperature, cascade, altitude, humidity and compressor
  • Improves process control
  • Offers one to four channels of control Provides multiple PID sets
  • Enables TRU-TUNE®+ adaptive control algorithm
  • Offers 40 ramp and soak profiles with real-time clock and battery backup
  • COMPOSER® graphical configuration PC software
  • Archives and documents controller setup
  • Connects with controller easily via Ethernet Many communications options available including Ethernet Modbus® TCP and SCP|and EIA-232/485 Modbus® RTU
  • Offers two USB host ports and one device port
  • Simplifies file transfers
  • Connects easily
  • Modular design
  • Offers numerous types of field pluggable modules for maximum flexibility and easiest compatibility
  • Features scalable and modular firmware functions
  • Delivers scalable input/output quantities from 1 to 36
  • Agency certifications include UL®, FM, CE, RoHS, W.E.E.E., NEMA 4XllP65
  • Verifies performance in installations worldwide
  • SERIES F4S/FAD/FAP backward compatible
  • Provides easy retrofit with minimum pain and disruption
  • Ensures proper fit in existing SERIES F4 panel cutout