russellsOne® Chamber Controller

The russellsOne® Controller combines a simple user interface with powerful data collection and unprecedented flexibility. The russellsOne® Controller offers best-in-class controlling, monitoring, graphing, and reporting on an easy to use 15,6″ PCAP touchscreen interface. Offered on any of our test chambers or capable of retrofitting onto an existing test chamber from virtually any manufacturer.

russellsOne® Chamber Controller Overview

The russellsOne® color touchscreen controller is the most powerful state of the art chamber controller/microprocessor available. Simply user interface with powerful data collection gives this controller faster screen access, powerful programming, and more flexibility than any controller on the market. Programming profiles and downloading test data are easily accomplished on a 15.6″ color touchscreen display.

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  • 15.6″ PCAP Touchscreen Display, 1920 x 1080
  • Intel Quad Core processor (Windows 10 IoT Ent) 128GB SSD
  • 4 channels of PID control with Product Temp Control (up to 8 by request)
  • Dual 1GB Ethernet via RF-45
  • User definable graphical trending of program and real-time data processing
  • Data logging of up to 64 analog inputs (optional) with virtual unlimited file storage
  • Data can be exported as .csv file or .png image
  • Up to 64 configurable digital inputs and outputs
  • Settings for chamber systems monitor and preventative maintenance
  • Server enabled remote control from Lab View or other custom programs
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Easily retrofitted to most existing chambers
  • Password protection for multiple users
  • Alarm fault warning notifications via email or SMS text

Data Logging

Able to log all available data once per second every moment the chamber is turned on, the russellsOne® can quickly load and display data from dozens of sensors over time frames ranging from seconds to months.

  • Multiple decades’ worth of always-on storage available
  • Solid State Drive (standard) provides data reliability over long spans of time
  • Easily export test data to be used in spreadsheet programs such as Excel
  • Reliable machine control over Ethernet when the operator and machine section need to be separated by a long distance


We designed the russellsOne® from the ground up to fit into any chamber or console configuration. The small form factor of a tablet computer (standard) allows it to be mounted in a wide variety of configurations. The russellsOne® can be configured at the factory to meet the needs of just about any chamber—specialized math, control algorithms, safety backups—yet maintain a familiar operating interface, no matter the job.

  • Up to 4 control channels for standard configurations, but ready for more for complicated systems.
  • Up to 64 total analog inputs available, expandable upon request!
  • Reliable machine control over Ethernet or remote connectivity when the operator and machine section need to be separated by a long distance.

User First

Our russellsOne® controller puts the user in control. From “just press start” to lab manager, you have the information you need complete testing confidently.

  • Access levels determine who has access to the various sections in the controller.
  • Activity logger lists when important events occur – and who was logged in when it did.
  • Because all data is always logged, you can diagnose potential problems before they become expensive problems.