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Vehicle Test Chambers from Russells

Dynamometer Chambers – Dynamometer Rooms

Russells dynamometer chambers have been proven to be one of the most effectively and economically designed environmental chambers in the testing industry. These chambers are equipped for simulation testing for a wide variety of environmental conditions including:

  • temperature and/or humidity
  • hot/cold temperatures
  • wind

We provide turnkey services to handle every aspect of the design, manufacture and construction of your dynamometer room, so all you have to do is drive-in or walk-in to start vehicle testing or engine testing. Our rooms feature dependable mechanical refrigeration, superior air flow, and the most expansive control systems allowing you to safely operate your dynamometer in potentially hazardous conditions. We offer a wide variety of interior and exterior finish options, along with a plethora of accessory options.

A Russells application engineer can assist you in selecting the configuration, options, and size that’s best for you, custom designed your exact specifications.