Walk-In/Drive-In Panelized Temperature/Humidity Chambers

Russells’ modular construction, walk-in temperature humidity chamber gives the maximum flexibility in both chamber size and performance for your most demanding temperature/humidity testing requirements. Russells WM-Series chambers allow manufacturers to simulate how their products will perform in temperature and humidity conditions. This temperature and humidity test chamber can be manufactured as a dynamometer room also.

About Walk-In/Drive-In Modular Construction Temperature/Humidity Chambers

Russells WM-Series, walk-in environmental test chambers can provide the following combination of controlled testing environments:

  • Steady state temperature and temperature/ humidity tests
  • Moderate temp./humidity cycling test (< 9°F/5°C/min.)
  • Moderate temperature heat aging (<185°F/85°C)
  • Economical cost
  • Ease of move in and install
  • Wide range of size and performance
  • Engineered cooling modules
  • Temperature range for single stage refrigeration:
    • -13°F/-25°C to 185°F/85°C
  • Temperature range for cascade refrigeration:
    • -100°F/-73°C to 185°F/85°C.
  • Humidity Range: 10% to 95 RH within the bounds of a 158°F/70°C max. dry bulb and a 40°F/4°C min. dewpoint.