Temperature Chambers

Russells Technical Products offers a wide range of temperature test chambers in various sizes and configurations, including optional humidity. Available in pre-engineered and custom sizes, our temperature test chambers are designed for a variety of industries and testing standards and specifications. From reach-in to walk-in or drive-in, we have the right solution for your testing requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our temperature chamber testing capabilities.


Reach In Temperature Humidity Test Chambers (Elite G-Series)

The G-Series Elite environmental reach-in test chambers line includes industry-leading features and accessories which offer superior performance and reliability. Offered in four standard sizes, our temperature/humidity chambers provide users the widest range of temperature or temperature and humidity environments on the market. Temperature and humidity chambers are an excellent choice for thermal cycling, steady state conditioning, product reliability testing, and other applications.

Custom Reach-In Chambers (RB/RD Series)

Our reach-in chambers are designed for rigorous environmental testing capacity. Each custom reach-in test chamber is tailed to your exact specifications and requirements, offering thermal testing, temperature cycling, temperature/humidity, and steady state temperature and or humidity. The end result is a durable, quality reach-in environmental test chamber in any configuration you can imagine.

Walk-In/Drive-In Solid Construction Temperature/Humidity Chambers

Russells Technical Products W-Series welded construction walk-in/drive-in chambers are ideal for high temperature and high humidity simulation. Their solid, one piece construction allows for rapid thermal change rates, ultra low temperature cooling, and prolonged soaks at extreme temperatures. With a wide variety of plenum options and configurations, our W-Series test chambers can be designed to meet your exact specifications.

Walk-In/Drive-In Modular Construction Temperature/Humidity Chambers

Russells’ modular construction, walk-in temperature humidity chamber gives the maximum flexibility in both chamber size and performance for your most demanding temperature/humidity testing requirements. Russells WM-Series chambers allow manufacturers to simulate how their products will perform in temperature and humidity conditions. This temperature and humidity test chamber can be manufactured as a dynamometer room also.

Dynamometer Drive-In Vehicle Test Chambers

Our dynamometer chambers feature dependable mechanical refrigeration, superior air flow, and expansive control systems. Our dynamometer drive-in vehicle test chambers are designed to integrate directly with a dynamometer system, while simultaneously exposing vehicles to a wide variety of environmental conditions including temperature and/or humidity, rain, wind, and more. Our control systems allow for precise temperature and humidity testing while meeting your exact specifications.

Walk-In Environmental Rooms

Our environmental test rooms are climate controlled and allow testing for long-term stability, accelerated testing, humidity, and forced long-term stability. We offer the widest range and selection of customizable sizes in environmental rooms used in a variety of industries including pharmaceutical, cold storage, cultivation rooms, incubation, concrete curing, film/photography storage, and more. Our environmental rooms are compliant with NIH, USDA, and other common industry standards.