Case Study: The Missing Footprint



This system was designed and developed to provide the customer a replacement for an obsolete, thirty-year-old, high-performance, custom walk-in temperature and humidity chamber, and fit the equipment within the same footprint without CAD drawings of the existing chamber.


The solution began by evaluating the existing chamber layout and orientation to reverse engineer the existing chamber, yet with updated refrigeration technology and controls to current industry standards. The chamber required high volume airflow, dual semi-hermetic cascade refrigeration systems, plus an energy trimmer refrigeration system that required a unique custom layout to fit within the space allocated. Hinged service access doors were provided with automatic interior lighting to provide ease of serviceability access to mechanical systems.

In addition, our customer required forklift slots to be integrated within the chamber base frame to accommodate move-in requirements and limitations.

The final completed system demonstrated much-improved temperature ramping capability and control than the original, which shortened test cycle times, thereby increasing the customer’s testing throughput. By combining customer-specific input and requirements with our design-build capabilities, we were able to provide an optimized system that will produce high yield testing capabilities for years to come.