Case Study: Double Duty Thermal Shock Chamber



Design and develop a custom double-duty thermal shock chamber to accommodate a specific array of customer products to be tested.


The solution began by evaluating the product array and orientation to develop the test space required and ensure that the entire array of parts is subjected to high-velocity airflow. The double duty thermal shock provides two separate product test spaces, with a mechanical shuttle to transition the products vertically between hot and cold test zones.

The chamber has three testing zones: Two hot zones and one cold zone. Each zone required high volume airflow impinging directly on the product from both sides, high output heating systems in both hot zones, and a single-stage water-cooled Scroll compressor refrigeration system for the cold zone.

The final completed system demonstrated that the design shortened test cycle times by doubling the testing throughput, and also shortened thermal soak times due to the efficient, high-velocity airflow. By tailoring the customer’s unique product array and specific test requirements with our design-build capabilities, we were able to provide an optimized system that will produce high yield testing capabilities for years to come.