Environmental Chambers that Give you the Technical Edge

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Environmental Rooms, Test Rooms

  • Environmental Rooms, Humidity Rooms, Stability Rooms

    Russells environmental rooms incorporate modular designed prefabricated panels for an economical solution for steady state testing. We have incorporated many years of designing custom industrial test systems and have incorporated the latest technologies into this product.

    We’ll provide a turnkey installation of your room with equipment designed to meet your exact needs. Our rooms are engineered to handle your steady state temperature and humidity requirements.

    Since 1972, Russells has utilized its expertise in refrigeration and air conditioning technologies to manufacture environmental rooms which can maintain -40° F cold on a continuous basis or chambers which can reach as high as 185° F heat. These simulation test systems can be supplied with temperature and humidity PID controls or with computerized data acquisition and control systems. They allow customers to undertake long-term stability testing, accelerated testing, humidity testing, comparative stability testing, forced long-term stability testing and stability of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Our environmental rooms are designed to meet FDA and ICH guidelines for stability testing and storage. They’re installed in facilities around the world where technicians can reach-in, walk-in or even drive-in to conduct a wide variety of simulation testing. We use the highest quality components in fabrication to ensure that our environmental rooms continue at top performance for many years.

    A Russells application engineer can assist you in selecting the environmental room configuration and size that’s best for you or we can custom design from our standard configurations.

Applications for Our Environmental, Climate-Controlled Rooms

  • Biological/Biotechnology Research
  • Pharmaceutical Stability
  • Shelf Life Experiments in the Food Industry
  • Entomology (Insect Rearing) Research
  • Industrial Environmental Testing
  • Crop Science
  • Soil Science
  • Laboratory/Medical
  • Electronic Burn-In
  • Seed Storage
  • Plant Growth
  • Consumer Product Testing
  • Archival Storage
  • Cold Storage


  • Many Standard Sizes
  • Reach-In, Walk-In or Drive-In Environmental Rooms
  • Custom Sizes Available
  • Ozone-Safe Refrigerant
  • Prefabricated for On-Site Installation
  • User-Friendly Controls
  • Can Be Relocated

Typical Ranges

  • -4°F/-20°C to 104°F/40°C
  • Humidity Range: 20% to 95% RH within the bounds of a 158°F/70°C max. dry bulb and a 40°F/4°C min. dewpoint.

Standard Environmental Room Features
  • Modular environmental room construction with pre‐fabricated wall panels produced with a urethane foam insulation core.
  • Wall insulation, 13k factor.
  • Wall thickness: 4” (100mm).
  • Available wall panel finishes: galvanized steel, steel w/baked enamel, embossed aluminum, stainless steel.
  • Floor loading to 600 lbs/ft₂ (2900 kg/m₂) evenly distributed.
  • Available door sizes from 34” to 60”. Bifold doors are available.
  • Hardware hinges and latches are heavy duty polished castings.
  • Microprocessor temperature/humidity programmer controller mounted in console w/acrylic cover.
  • Low or zero ozone depletion refrigerants.
  • Air cooled condenser.
  • Compressor overload protection.
  • All piping joints silfos or silver soldered.
  • Refrigeration/condenser skid
  • All wiring meets NEC standards.
  • 120 volt control circuit transformer.
  • Fully enclosed electrical panel mounted above instruments.
  • All circuits fused or circuit breaker protected.
  • Full system function switches w/ system status pilot lights.
  • Incandescent interior lighting.
  • All wiring numbered or color coded
Optional Accessories
  • Through-wall access ports w/foam plugs.
  • Viewing windows.
  • Refrigeration gauges.
  • Refrigeration sound deadening package.
  • Water cooled condenser.
  • Humidity water demineralizer.
  • Dry air purge system.
  • Desiccant dehumidifier.
  • Ante rooms.
  • Entry ramp.
  • Running time meter.
  • Electrical disconnect switch.
  • Floor screeds for attachment of “floorless” chamber to existing building floor.
  • Key locked instrumentation console.
  • Outdoor refrigeration units.
Optional Instrumentation
  • Solid state humidity sensor on humidity models.
  • Product safeguard redundant over/under temperature limit.
  • Circular or electronic chart recorders.
  • Computer communications, networking, data‐logging software.