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Portable Conditioning Units

  • Portable Conditioning Units PCUB/D-810 Mechanically Cooled

    Russells PCUB/D-810, Mechanically Cooled Temperature or Temperature/Humidity Portable Conditioning Units give you the maximum environmental testing flexibility for your remote testing needs. Russells Portable Conditioning Units have the following features:

    • Single stage or cascade mechanical refrigeration system
    • Air or water cooled condensing system
    • Powder coated exterior
    • 230V, 208V or 460V operation
    • UL 508A compliant control panel
    • Casters
    • Watlow F4T controller
    • Product safeguard
    • 6” duct ports
    • Optional humidity, insulated ducts, touch screen controller, frequency drive, and GN2 purge


  • Temperature range (single stage): -30C/180˚C(-22˚F/+356˚F)
  • Temperature range (cascade): -68C/180˚C(-90˚F/+356˚F)
  • Humidity models offering 20%RH to 95%RH
  • Air delivery from 686 to 372 CFM

Russells PCU’s are available in a variety of air flow, coolingand heating capacities. A Russells application engineercan assist you in selecting the chamber configuration andsize that is most economical for your testing needs. LetRussells give you the competitive edge!

1 As measured and controlled at the outlet of the PCU.